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    JOBR considers strictly in all its activities the protection of our environment.

      As one of the most responsible prototype manufacturing company, we are concerned with environmental protection for all JOBR products and help our customers with our knowledge about R&D and the production of rapid prototyping manufacturing technology and related products.

      We will advise customers to choose reasonable materials according to their product requirements.

      Most of the materials we use in our products fulfill the relevant health standards.

    Environment Guideline

          We officially make commitment:

          · To compliance with regulatory and legal requirements

          · JOBR will strictly abide by relevant national regulations, industry codes and specifications, improve employees' environmental awareness to save energy, make rational use of resources, prevent pollution, and continuously improve environmental performance.


      Safe working conditions are a priority for the prototype manufacturing company in the rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing process. Perfect safety management rules ensure the safety of every employee.