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    JOBR regards quality as enterprise life!

      As one of the most responsible and best injection molding company, our pursuit of reaching the highest possible quality is the basis of all our working attitudes.

      Each process in our company is under continuous observation/control to reach improvement. A stoppage of these company developments need to be counted as a recession.

      Our quality department staff is actively organizing the continuous reform and improvement of the existing quality standards today as well as in the future.

      The pressure on the producing industry for lower prices leads many companies to use non-qualified or even recycled materials for their productions to offer lower prices to their customers.

      JOBR never join this development. We insist on using high quality injection molding materials from famous raw material suppliers all over the world. Using recycled or non-qualified materials in our production is against our company's policy. Additionally, our advanced rapid prototype technology keeps high quality injection molding unchanged today and in the future.

      Our customers can be assured that JOBR will supply their products with special quality, regardless of dimensions, appearance, or the specified material types and properties.

    Quality Guideline

      We will energetically implement the guideline of

      · Quality in each aspect, implementing the quality system, and providing customers with the products they need

      · Involvement of every staff, handling in time and reaching the vested objective

      · We will further carry out the spirit of ISO9001

      · Improve continually, prevent actively

      · Optimize every course

      · Perfect the Quality Management System continually