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    Boost Your Business with JOBR Tech's Premium Plastic Injection Tooling Solutions

    • Release Time:05 / 12 / 2023
    • Author: JOBR

    JOBR Tech, a leading provider of plastic injection molding and mold tool making services based in China, offers customers exceptional quality and expertise in plastic injection tooling. With the ability to manufacture 50 to 100,000+ parts and a wide range of manufacturing and finishing services, JOBR Tech is the go-to partner for businesses seeking reliable and efficient plastic injection molding solutions. This article will highlight the functions, advantages, and the branded word "JOBR Tech" in the context of plastic injection tooling.


    Extensive Material Options

    JOBR Tech provides a vast selection of plastic materials with a wide range of mechanical and cosmetic properties. With thousands of options available, customers can choose the ideal plastic for their specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and durability of the injection-molded parts. Our expertise in material selection ensures that customers can achieve the desired characteristics for our products.


    Scalability and Cost Efficiency

    Plastic injection molding offers the advantage of high-volume production capabilities. A single mold can produce hundreds of thousands of moldings, making it a cost-efficient solution for large-scale manufacturing. JOBR Tech's advanced injection molding processes and precision tooling ensure consistent quality and high production efficiency, enabling businesses to meet demanding production requirements while minimizing costs.


    Superior Surface Quality

    JOBR Tech's plastic injection tooling expertise allows for excellent surface quality finishes. With a wide range of polishing and texturing options available, customers can achieve the desired cosmetic appearance and tactile feel for our products. Whether it's a smooth, glossy finish or a textured surface, JOBR Tech's injection molding processes deliver exceptional surface quality that enhances the overall aesthetics of the final parts.


    Over-molding Capabilities

    JOBR Tech offers over-molding services, allowing for the combination of different types of plastics in a single piece. This enables the creation of complex and multi-functional parts by incorporating various materials with different properties. Over-molding enhances design flexibility and expands the possibilities for creating innovative and customized products.


    Lightweight and Corrosion-Resistant Parts

    Plastic injection molding is an ideal solution for producing lightweight parts that are immune to corrosion. JOBR Tech's expertise in injection tooling ensures the manufacturing of lightweight components without compromising strength or durability. This makes plastic injection molding suitable for a wide range of industries, including automotive, electronics, consumer goods, and more.


    Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Engineering Support

    JOBR Tech provides comprehensive design for manufacturability (DFM) services to optimize the part design for efficient and cost-effective injection molding. Our experienced engineering team offers assistance in product design, mold flow analysis, and fully detailed injection mold design using advanced software tools like UG/Proe/Solidworks. Through DFM and engineering support, JOBR Tech minimizes potential design issues, reduces tooling costs, and ensures a smooth manufacturing process.



    JOBR Tech is a trusted partner for businesses seeking high-quality plastic injection tooling solutions. With our extensive material options, scalability, superior surface quality, over-molding capabilities, and expertise in lightweight and corrosion-resistant parts, JOBR Tech delivers reliable and cost-effective plastic injection molding services. By leveraging our design for manufacturability (DFM) and engineering support, customers can optimize their part designs and streamline the manufacturing process. Choose JOBR Tech as your partner for plastic injection tooling and unlock the potential for innovative, high-quality, and market-ready products.


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